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Closer to God

“History, as a collection of past events, remains largely closed in a box”. So says Fr. Stephen in his classic blogpost titled Treasure in a Box:

“The further removed from us in time, the more mysterious the contents. Within this metaphor we cannot say that we bear witness to the contents of the box – only that we have faith in a written description of its contents. Little wonder that those who do not share that faith have less and less comfort in the authority of that witness or its reliability as a guide for modern life.

In such a scenario, Christianity becomes an argument (my italics) about a book within an argument about books.”

This explains why rational empiricism has been so successful in redefining the way modern man relates to ancient truths. In the metaphor of Abraham Heschel’s The Sabbath: Its meaning for the Modern Man, it is the window looking in on the great cathedral that is contemporary Christianity –a “religion of space” as Heschel calls it, that sits within an eternity of Sabbaths.

Fr. Stephen’s ground breaking blogpost is also available as a podcast on Ancient Faith Radio, here.

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