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The book people read

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In his latest post Apocalypse Now, Father Stephen points to a line that runs from the “linear” Christ of popular (and perhaps) western imagination. Where that line ends is anybody’s guess.  The scriptures record how Jesus’ contemporaries asked questions and were  given answers. What will be the manner of his coming, we may well ask today?

In the Eastern tradition, the  apocalypsis (uncovering) of all things is consequential to Pascha, that is, to Christ’s Resurrection (not to time). Pascha is the cause of all things: visible, tangible, immanent and fully transcendant

[… and] an inherent part of the Orthodox understanding of worship…. The priest doesn’t say, “Blessed is Thy Kingdom which is to come…” He blesses the Kingdom which is, for when we give thanks to God, we stand within…. In the course of the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the priest prays and gives thanks in the past tense for the glorious second coming of Christ.

This absence of bipolarity (even the darkness has been transformed into light) is also the source of Churchly authority (though this does not correspond exactly to canonical boundaries).

Glory to God Who has not completely hidden himself from mankind.

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Cometh the Bridegroom

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

A delightful recollection of the coming of the Lord, by Archbishop Job of the OCA

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