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Comparing notes – Pascha (Part 1)

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Matthias Grunewald's resurrection (Gothardt Niethart)

Fr. Stephen, who needs no introduction has done it again with this unforgettable piece titled Forgive Everyone for Everything. This paragraph bears much repeating, short as it is

There is a further thought that is of great importance. Forgiveness and unforgiveness are not private matters. As Christ taught the Apostles, “Whosoever sins you loose are loosed, and whosoever sins you retain are retained.” This, of course, has a particular meaning for the Apostolic ministry given to the Church. But it also alludes to another reality. My refusal to forgive is a force for evil in this world – binding both myself and others around me. It may not be an intentional binding – but bind it will. In the same manner, forgiveness is the introduction of Paradise into this world – both for myself and for others around me. Whether I intend it or not, Paradise comes as a fruit of such love.

How easy to forget that we are not the source of anything.

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